Lego Minecraft 21147 The Bedrock Adventures -

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Lego Minecraft 21147 The Bedrock Adventures -


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Descend the ladders to the depths of the Minecraft Overworld with this LEGO Minecraft The Bedrock Adventures set.

Use the diamond pickaxe or activate the TNT function to mine obsidian and 7 types of ore, and venture through caves and mines with water and lavafalls. Battle an array of hostile mobs, including a cave spider, zombie, Creeper and silverfish that spawn when you mine the rock face!

Enjoy hands-on adventures with this LEGO Minecraft set—designed for fans of the highly successful video game.

Easily swap the modular sections to redesign the model, and combine it with other sets to create your own unique LEGO Minecraft universe. Also includes Alex and Steve minifigures, plus a bat figure.



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