Call of the Sea - Norah's Diary Edition - Playstation 5

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Call of the Sea - Norah's Diary Edition - Playstation 5


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Call of the Sea is a thrilling adventure game that takes you to the 1930s and the South Pacific.

Explore a tropical island paradise and uncover ancient secrets of a forgotten civilization in search of your husband's lost expedition.

The year is 1934 in the vastness of the South Pacific. Norah has crossed the ocean to follow the trail of her husband's lost expedition, eventually arriving at a tropical island paradise with no name. This mysterious place holds remnants of a forgotten civilization from a time long past.

What mysterious secrets will Norah uncover in her search for the truth?

Norah's Diary Edition includes:

- the game
- a concept artbook
- one poster
- a travel ticket
- 2 photographs
- an exclusive premium box




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